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27 mei 2024 om 15:10 waited for more than 90 minutes. The wrap was already cold, okroshka was tasteless.
9 apr 2024 om 19:35 Very delicious meals, excellent quality and good packing. Delivered exactly on time, the food was really hot.
2 apr 2024 om 19:07 My order has not been delivered and the money was not returned. The restaurant called me and asked to make an order in Uber eats instead. But order here has already been payed for and I could not cancel it. And they just marked this order as complete
29 mrt 2024 om 8:18 Incredibly tasty! Zo lekker
19 mrt 2024 om 14:54 Different order, came way later, cussed out neighbors even though the correct place was indicated in the order. Not the first time the delivery had issues, to the point I had to pick up orders myself.
22 jan 2024 om 20:08 Wonderful food, really enjoyed super tasty dinner
13 jan 2024 om 20:33 Kiev calling soup is amazing so nourishing and tasty and the kibinai is also delicious. Can’t wait to try more
5 jan 2024 om 17:57 Great service and soups are amazing
11 dec 2023 om 2:48 Top Food and Top Service - I love this place
26 okt 2023 om 15:44 Great food & service
10 okt 2023 om 15:34 Great kitchen and the service
29 sep 2023 om 9:06 Food quality is very good! I only ordered my salmon with rice instead of potatoes. And the order was delivered to the wrong address. So I think an unlucky day.